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Concrete Floors vary a great deal from a smooth finish to cracking, salt and chemical damage to heaving from frost, wear and tear. We come to see your floor so we can analyze and provide the best most cost effective way to repair and provide a premium finish to address the customer needs.

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Abtech Epoxy

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Abtech Epoxy

Floor Grinding Services

Industrial Floor Grinders are used to prepare concrete surfaces prior to the application of new coatings. Grinding concrete can help to remove old coatings, chemicals, adhesive residues and stains to create a smooth clean flat concrete surface.

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Our Process

Our floor finishes are of the highest quality and provide protection, beauty and peace of mind.

Why Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floors are seamless and can easily be steam cleaned making them antimicrobial, and hygienic allowing you to keep bacterial levels at a minimum.

Epoxy floors are long lasting, durable, abrasion resistant and don’t require polishing or buffing to maintain. Pigments, flakes, and quartz come in a wide array of colours allowing you to customize the look of your floor while marble floors offer a unique quality creating a one of a kind look.

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